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Pot holders are piling up

I have always been afraid to get into making things for sale.  Up until now I have only made things for myself, gifts for friends and family, or charitable donations.  I thought that if I made my crafting into a business, where I would have to produce a certain amount of ‘product’, it would take some of the joy out of it.  Would it become too much like work?  And where would I sell?  And would I enjoy it?

Well, I sure don’t have it all figured out yet, but I am considering selling quilted pot holders.  Yes, I need to make quite a few of them if I want to do that, at a craft show or something, but so far I am really enjoying the process.  It hasn’t gotten boring, or routine, or like work.  It is making 8 1/2 inch pot holders over and over, but I get to make a bunch of different block patterns from a bunch of different fabrics, so I still feel very creative.  It is fun, I keep getting surprised by the results, and I am getting better technically.  I think I am in a good place with this idea.

Last year Evan’s school had a craft show/sale.  If they have it again this year, that might be my first venue.  Who knows, it’s not something I’ve ever done, but it could be fun!