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Winter, part 2

Part 2 of the CAL was published on November 3 and includes rounds 8-13 of the pattern Winter.  I worked this up, using my variegated thread Ocean, and this is what it looks like.


I am still not sure if I like it or not.  I will say, I like the actual crochet work, watching the thread form each stitch and seeing the colors blend one to the next.  I like looking at the doily really close up, seeing the detail.  But from farther away, I don’t think I like it.  But I’m not sure.

One thing I am sure of, as I was doing one of the rounds from part 2 that had a stitch worked around a previous stitch down below, I realized that I had worked a stitch incorrectly in part 1.  It looks like straight threads making little triangle tops, and it shouldn’t be like that.  Now, I don’t hate the way it looks, in fact I kind of like it.  I just realized it wasn’t executed ‘properly’.  I am definitely not going back to change it.  I just did the round in part 2 correctly, the one that made me realize how to do the stitch differently.  It is all a learning experience, like life.  Sometimes you realize you could have done something differently, or that you might have been expected to do something one way when you did it another way, but it is all good, I hope.