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Loose ends

Now that Thanksgiving is over, before starting anything new, I am trying to finish up a few things that are still not as they should be, to add order and peacefulness to my life.  I am always struggling to simplify, not always successfully, but every little bit helps.

The latest thing I did was to stitch my solid blue version of the Winter doily into a ring so I could hang it up.  I wanted a silver, 12 inch diameter ring, and was not sure where to find one.  I had seen gold rings at a few stores, but was really happy to find some silver ones in the floral section of Michael’s yesterday.  The smallest one they had was 14 inches though.  I went ahead and got it anyway because I really prefer silver and didn’t want to have to bother with painting or using a gold ring.

So last night I stitched the doily into the ring with clear plastic thread.  I am both done and not done, and I will explain what that means in a minute.  In my thread box I have a spool of that clear invisible thread; I’ve had it for a long time.  I’m not sure why, I rarely use it and I also don’t much like it.  I always find it frustrating to work with.  But I thought it would be good for this, that it would make the doily look like it was floating in the ring.  So I pulled out a length of it and threaded my needle.  That in itself was difficult.  It is deliberately nearly invisible, and I can’t see to thread needles any more anyway, so it took a while.  But I got it threaded, and started to stitch the doily, attaching just at the large picot points.  I had no real plan for how to do this, and was just winging it, but quickly realized I didn’t have enough thread to get all the way around.  Darn.

So I pulled it all out and started again with a longer piece of this invisible plastic filament thread.  Threaded the needle again.  Started stitching again.  Still winging it, but it seemed to be working.  The tricky thing about this is it’s not stable until every point is sewn around the ring and under even tension.  Until then it is flopping all over the place, and doesn’t look very good.  I started to get afraid that I might not have enough thread, again, but I just barely got around.  And I do mean just barely.  I probably have a little too much tension on the doily, but I got all the way around and pulled the thread just enough to sew into the back of the doily a short ways with the needle.  But there is not enough thread to really stitch or knot it, especially with the tension that is on it, so the needle is still woven into the back of the doily!  That is why I am not really done.  I have to do it all again, with a longer piece of this thread that I hate using.  I can’t get up the energy for the task.  So in the mean time, I have it hanging in my window, just to see how I like it.  And I do, I do like it.  I wish it was really done.