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Christmas cookies

My memory is pretty bad.  I really can’t remember stuff I feel like I should remember, but that’s how I am, so I just go with it.  I mean, some things stick in there, but ask me the date of almost anything and I pretty much won’t know.  But every now and then there’s a trigger… (read more)

Yarn and other stuff

Well, I am still knitting around and around and around… The Glenfiddich Wool tunic is well underway.  I am knitting in the round, so no purl rows to make stockinette stitch, just the knit stitch over and over.  It is simple, soothing, but, yes, a little bit boring.  It’s a good project to do while lightly watching something on TV; usually… (read more)

Really started

Well, now I am really started, for the last time, on my Glenfiddich tunic.  I am still making gauge with the size 10 needles, and I am back to working in the round.  I am using two skeins of yarn at the same time, one more blue and one more gray, and I am changing them on… (read more)

Not started again

I have started my Glenfiddich Copenhagen blue tunic again.  This time I think I will do the sweater in pieces the way the pattern is written; work the back, work the front, seam the shoulders, pick up stitches and work the sleeves, seam sides, work the neck edge.  I am going to knit with two… (read more)

Started and not started

I have been knitting my Glenfiddich Wool tunic in Copenhagen blue, and have been thoroughly enjoying myself.  I’ve blogged about this yarn before; it is a light worsted yarn from the Glenfiddich Border Leicester sheep, hand dyed, and then custom spun at Gurdy Run Woolen Mill.  The first project I did was with an undyed, natural… (read more)

Gauge swatch(es)

HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!  (Evan and I are reading a book about a hamster who repeats things in threes, and it seems appropriate to copy Humphrey right now.) Here is my blue Glenfiddich wool yarn, knit up into my (first) gauge swatch.  I am so thrilled with the subtle color variations when the yarn is knit into fabric. … (read more)


So I haven’t actually knit anything since August, I think.  I should check this blog to make sure, because I probably would have written about it, but I think, off the cuff, that it is true.  I was knitting a shawl while we were on vacation, and then after we got back I’m not sure… (read more)

Ho Ho Ho

The cross stitch Santa is finished!  I am happy with the way it turned out, very jolly and Christmas-y.  This kit from Mill Hill came with everything except the frame — perforated paper, floss, beads, buttons, needles and instructions.  I learned a new stitch while doing it; the kit called it double stitch and it is used… (read more)

Leftovers (not turkey)

Another leftover from my past that I am finally finishing is a beaded cross-stitch kit from Mill Hill that I bought at least fifteen years ago.  It is amazing what is hanging around in my drawers and closets.  I don’t know if this exact kit is still available, but I have found that there are… (read more)

Yarn happy dance

If I had an actual happy dance, I would be doing it right now.  I have made a major yarn score, and I am so excited.  Actually, I got yarn for two projects so I am doubly happy! One of my local yarn stores, enticingly called Kid Ewe Knot, is having a trunk show today with… (read more)