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Yarn happy dance

If I had an actual happy dance, I would be doing it right now.  I have made a major yarn score, and I am so excited.  Actually, I got yarn for two projects so I am doubly happy!

One of my local yarn stores, enticingly called Kid Ewe Knot, is having a trunk show today with Barbara Condon and Kathleen England from Glenfiddich Wool.  Kid Ewe Knot is in Bridgeville, so it’s a little bit of a drive for me but not too bad.  It is super cute with lots of great yarn and really friendly and helpful staff.  They put together nice kits, and always have a good sale section  If it were a little closer, I would probably be there every week.  As it is, I go a few times a year for a new project or two.  So I was really excited to see on Facebook that Glenfiddich Wool was going to come to the store with yarn and samples of some of their new patterns.  I put it on my calendar as a  must see.

Glenfiddich Wool is the yarn I blogged about back in April, when I got some at the Pittsburgh Knit and Crochet Festival and made a swancho and wimple set.

I love working with this yarn so much!  I’ve been wanting to do another project ever since I finished the first one.  After doing the swancho, I looked at their patterns at, and I really liked a tunic they had, so that has been in the back of my mind as my next GW project.  When I heard about the trunk show, that tunic popped back up, and I went today, hoping to find maybe a nice blue that I could use.  Well, I picked up some absolutely gorgeous yarn in a color called “Copenhagen”.  It is their light worsted yarn, and it is hand dyed a blue-gray-purple heather that is just so pretty.  I can’t wait to see how it works up.  The yarn was packaged as a kit for a swancho, but there is the right amount to make the tunic, plus a skein of coordinating boucle.  As a swancho. they say you can randomly throw in some contrasting yarn for visual interest and texture, that’s why there’s the skein of boucle.  I don’t think I’ll use it in the tunic, but of course I can always use it in something else!  Barbara emailed me the pattern on the spot, so I am good to go on project number one.

The color just makes me want to start right now, and it is just what I was hoping to find.

But, I also found something else that I grabbed, spur of the moment, because it was too gorgeous to leave behind.  In the pattern book that I bought at the Festival last spring, there is a swancho version that is a cardigan.  I liked that one a lot, but I made the pullover version, and tucked the cardigan idea away for later.  Now they have a version knit in sport weight (the weight of the yarn I used to make the wimple).  This makes a lighter fabric with awesome drape, and would be perfect for spring.  There is no ribbing added on at the sleeve edge, so it is kind of an oversized vest, open in the front with a two button closure.  I am so excited to work this up in the lighter weight yarn; it will make it different enough from the swancho I already have to justify making another one.  As if I need to justify a knitting project!  I saw a kit of yarns put together along with the pattern, and I just had to have it.  The base color is the same grayish brown of my first swancho, and there are five accent yarns to randomly work in for a stripe detail.  My wimple will look great over this since it is the same color as the base.  I love running into things like this unexpectedly.

Now my only problem is, what to do first?