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Ho Ho Ho


The cross stitch Santa is finished!  I am happy with the way it turned out, very jolly and Christmas-y.  This kit from Mill Hill came with everything except the frame — perforated paper, floss, beads, buttons, needles and instructions.  I learned a new stitch while doing it; the kit called it double stitch and it is used in the red part of the coat.  I did it, but I can’t fully explain it; it is cross stitches that are two holes wide but three holes tall, and the rows are staggered so the stitches are nestled into each other.  Plus there is a bead in there between the rows.  Easier to do than describe!  I put on the beads first, and then used them as a guide to place the floss.  I got a lot of practice doing French knots, too, as well as bead stitching.  Overall, it was quick and lots of fun.  I really like these Mill Hill cross stitch kits.

I ordered a blue frame with snowflakes on it from Amazon but it is not here yet.  The frames are also made by Mill Hill, so they fit exactly.  To take a picture I used my red frame, but after I have the blue one I will decide which cross stitch goes best with which frame.  So, I am not quite, but almost done.

I Googled cross stitch shops in Pittsburgh, and found that there are more needlepoint shops, but there is supposed to be one cross stitch shop in Murrysville.  That’s a little bit of a drive for me, but I will check it out sometime now that I know about it.

Now since Santa is done, it is time for a new project!  Knitting, anyone?