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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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So I haven’t actually knit anything since August, I think.  I should check this blog to make sure, because I probably would have written about it, but I think, off the cuff, that it is true.  I was knitting a shawl while we were on vacation, and then after we got back I’m not sure what I did for a couple of weeks but I knew they flew by and then Evan was going back to school.  After I had time back during the day I went back to quilting and finished the queen-size Lone Star quilt I had put aside at the beginning of summer.  I don’t quilt when Evan is around, it takes too much time and concentration, plus the steam iron is usually out (and dangerous) and my big scissors (ditto), so quilting was on hiatus over the summer.

After the big quilt, I did the doily thing, and that is crochet work with thread, not yarn.  And I made a several dozen quilted potholders, anticipating a craft show at school.  And a little cross stitch.  So no knitting.

Until now, and I am so happy to be back.  I should have gone back to one of the three major projects that I have started (a tunic sweater, the vacation shawl, or the blue summer top) but of course I am going to start a Glenfiddich Wool project with the new yarn I bought on Saturday.

But which project?  I decided to go with the tunic.  Yeah, I realize I just said I already have a tunic sweater started, but I want this tunic, so here it goes.  I think I also talked once about what a great starter I am.  Someday I will have no needles of any size available because they will be all over the house with partial projects started on them, and my husband will have moved out to someplace tidy.

Anyway, here is my new yarn.  I have it wound into cakes, six joyous bundles ready to go.  It is hand dyed, so kind of heathery, a denim-ish blue mixed with grayed purple.  Gorgeous.  I can’t wait to see what it looks like knitted up.