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Not started again

I have started my Glenfiddich Copenhagen blue tunic again.  This time I think I will do the sweater in pieces the way the pattern is written; work the back, work the front, seam the shoulders, pick up stitches and work the sleeves, seam sides, work the neck edge.  I am going to knit with two skeins at the same time, alternating every other row, so working two rows with each skein.  I’m using the two I’ve already started, the more-blue and the less-blue skeins.  I’ve looked at all 6 skeins of yarn that I have, and there seem to be two that are more-blue, three that are less-blue, and one in the middle.  I will save the middle-ish one for the neck edge and intermix the others as I go.


Well, I have the back piece started, and it is looking a little stripe-y to me.  Are the skeins that different?  Am I too picky?  And why am I not working in the round?  Would it be better to switch yarns every row?  I could do that if I were working in the round; I would just need to make sure I twisted the yarn when I switched to make sure there are no holes.  I don’t think it would be obvious, but I won’t know for sure unless I try it.  I might be starting again.