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Well, I am still knitting around and around and around…

The Glenfiddich Wool tunic is well underway.  I am knitting in the round, so no purl rows to make stockinette stitch, just the knit stitch over and over.  It is simple, soothing, but, yes, a little bit boring.  It’s a good project to do while lightly watching something on TV; usually there is nothing too compelling on that I want to watch, but I can usually find something to have in the background.  Say Yes to the Dress is good, low attention required watching, as well as most cooking shows.  I’ve watched all the episodes of The Good Doctor, and knitting is good for that if you don’t want to look at the surgery parts.  I also knit during football, but I think it affects the tension of my stitches.

I am still knitting with the first two balls of yarn, alternating a bluer one with a grayer one, changing on every round.  Since this yarn is hand-dyed, there are variations from skein to skein even though they are all the same dye lot.  This happens a lot with hand-dyed yarn, and the differences can be minimized or blended together by alternating yarn from different skeins as you go.  I am almost at the end, though, so I’ll be switching to my next two skeins soon.  I’ll still try to mix gray and blue together.  And then, soon, I’ll be switching from working in the round to working the front and back separately and flat, leaving openings for the sleeves.  The back goes straight up but there is some shaping to be done for the front.   And then ii’s just sleeves and a little neck detail and I’ll be done.

Two things are sort of interrupting my knitting.  One is getting everything done for Christmas: shopping, wrapping, mailing, decorating, cooking, visiting, church, all that holiday fun stuff.  And the second is playing with our new cat, Lookie.  My six year old has been wanting a cat for months and months.  And months.  Every wishing well coin toss, every birthday candle blow out, every “what do you want for Christmas, little boy” Santa query has had the same solemn plea — “I wish I had a cat.”  Well, now he has his wish come true, and I have to say she is darn cute, and a very good addition to our family.  I just have to teach her to leave Mama’s yarn alone!