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Out of the kitchen

So between Christmas, a new cat, getting a cold and having a six year old home from school for winter break, I’ve only been doing a little knitting.  But I am still knitting the Glenfiddich tunic, around and around and around.  I am alternating two different balls of yarn every other round to blend the colors of the hand-dyed yarn, and I finally got something that helps with this technique.

So when I knit with two yarns, every time I switch from using one yarn to using the other one, I twist the yarns around each other.  This makes sure that there is not a hole or gap in the knitted fabric at the switch point.  The little twist is not at all visible, but a consequence is that the working yarns end up being twisted together like a candy cane, and you have to stop and untangle them from time to time or you’ll end up with a big mess.  I have knit entire sweaters without my latest gadget, but my new tool really helps straighten things out easily.

It is simply a lazy susan, like you’d have in the kitchen or on the table, but I got one just for my yarn.  It is big enough to comfortably hold two balls or cakes of yarn, with or without knitting bowls, and I can untwist them by gently kicking the platform in the opposite direction of the twist and letting it rotate until the yarns are free of each other.  It sure beats picking up one of the balls and passing it over and under the other one until they are separated.  I don’t often use more than one yarn at a time, but this is a relatively inexpensive thing to use that makes a big difference as you are knitting.  I highly recommend it, and I won’t work with multiple yarns without it again.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!