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Changing to back and forth

So I am at the bottom of the armhole of my Glenfiddich tunic and now need to leave an opening for the sleeve, so that means I get to stop knitting around and around and around forever, and start knitting flat.  Whew!  Half of the stitches will end up being the back and the other half will be the front.  I am starting my split right at the round-marker so that seam-that-is-not-a-seam where I’ve been changing yarns ends up along the side, as if it were a side seam.  This is the best place to hide any not so great stitches along the twist.  I will knit the back first and then the front, so I am putting my front stitches on a stitch holder, and just knitting the back stitches.  I am using the same circular needle that I’ve been using, but will now just go back and forth.  This makes sure that I am using the same needles throughout the whole project.  Needles that are the ‘same’ size can actually vary a little bit, so I try not to change needles within a project if I can help it.  Sometimes I have to go from a circular needle to double points, for example, but I try to avoid that, too.  Now I’ll be knitting on the right side and purling on the back, instead of just knitting, always on the right side.

As I am starting work on the back, I am still switching yarns to blend in any variations between balls of my hand-dyed Copenhagen blue yarn.  Some of the yarn seems a little more blue and some seems a little more gray, so I have been switching every round from gray-ish to blue-ish while I was working in the round.  Now that I am working flat, I realize there is no way to switch colors every row without cutting and reattaching yarns, no matter how many balls I would try to use.  I would end up wanting to knit-blue and purl-gray, and this would always put my yarn at the wrong end of the piece for the next time I wanted to use it.  So now I am knitting a row and purling a row, and then switching yarns, so I am doing two rows instead of one.  I hope it doesn’t make a visible difference.  To have been entirely consistent, I should have been working two rounds before switching for the main body of the sweater.  Oh, my.  I guess I will knit at least the back to see how it looks.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!