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New project!

In between working on my tunic sweater, I’ve recently become obsessed with, yes, another project.

The push behind my latest obsession is the fact that it is a new year, still really close to the beginning, and I’ve started thinking about making a temperature blanket.  I’ve thought about this before, but a really logical time to start one is January 1st, so that’s why it’s back in my head again.

A temperature blanket or afghan or scarf even, is a year long project that develops as the days go by.  Yarn colors are assigned to different temperatures, and you knit or crochet one row every day based on the temperature that happens that day.  You can choose to do the high temperature, the low temperature, the temperature at noon, whatever; you can get the temps from your backyard thermometer or from the news or internet.  The only ‘rule’ is to be consistent.  As you go through the year, the temperatures will gradually change throughout the seasons, and you will end up with a blanket that changes color based on the weather that you’ve actually lived through.   If you start January 1, which is totally logical but not at all necessary, your project will start in the cooler colors, move through warm in the middle, and shift back to cool.  If you do it daily, in real time, yes it takes a year to finish, but the one row a day would take not much time at all.  It seems very doable.  And very cool.

I’ve been thinking a lot about this idea, and I’m getting some ideas about what I want to do…


I'd love to hear your ideas on this!