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Tunic dilemma

OK, so now the tunic is mostly a tunic, well, I guess more of a vest.  It has no sleeves and the neck edge is not finished, but it is at a point that I can try it on for size and see how it looks.

And there is good news and bad news.  First the good news — it fits!  It is a good length, not too tight or too big, the armholes seem to be the right depth, and the neck opening is not as deep as I was afraid it might be.  The pattern is really a big rectangle with no shaping so it could have looked boxy, but it doesn’t.  Plus I really like the color.  This is all good news.

The bad news is that the stitching looks rough, and I don’t know why.  I am using a relatively large needle, a 10, so the individual stitches are on the large side, but I like that with this yarn.  What I don’t like is that there is a bit of uneven-ness, especially in the section that I knit in the round.  Some of the stitches are noticeably larger than others, and it almost looks like holes or small gaps in the knitting.  This is not good news.  Also, the colors in the knit-in-the-round section look diagonal and in the knit-back-and-forth section they are straighter.  Not good news at all.

I did not wash/soak it, but I did block it to size and steam press it from the front to see if the roughness would go away.  The section that I knit flat blocked out nicely but the part that was knit in the round did not.  The ‘holes’ are still there.  Of course the color variations did not change.  Do you see where I am going with this?  I am not happy, and I think I am not going to be happy with this unless I fix it.  And by fix it I mean start over.

I’m not going to jump into anything.  I’ll set this aside for a while and come back in a day or two, just enough time to maybe be more objective (but I think I’m gonna start over…I am that compulsive).


I'd love to hear your ideas on this!