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Temperature time and place

I’ve been doing some research on temperature blankets, and I’m getting pretty excited about actually doing (at least) one.  I think it would be so cool to see how it develops over time, as the days go by and the temperatures and yarns change.  I got inspired when I saw a post on Facebook about it, and it was the New Year, and a perfect time to start, so I started recording the daily temperatures on my calendar, even though I didn’t have yarn yet and wasn’t ready to actually start.  But while the idea really excites me, 2018 will be just any old random year in my life (I think) and making a blanket will be a big project, so I think I’d like it to be from a ‘big’ year, a year when something important actually happened.  So I started thinking about doing a different timeframe.

And guess what?  This is totally doable because there are historic data available on-line!  As long as you don’t want the actual temperature from your backyard, you can look up the high and low temperatures by location and date on-line.  I’ve decided to use weather underground at to mine my temperature data.  (If you just go to weather underground, the historical weather is under the “more” tab).  I put in the zip code for my address, and found that the temperatures for Pittsburgh were recorded at the Allegheny County Airport, which is not far away at all.

Now I needed to pick my ‘big’ year.  So I started thinking about what has happened in my life, and the first thing I thought of has nothing to do with Pittsburgh.  Right before Evan turned two we decided to move to Colorado for a year; I wasn’t working anymore, Evan wasn’t in school yet, and Dennis has a lot of clients out there, so it was the perfect time to go and the perfect place to go to.  We ended up in Golden, outside Denver, and we were there for almost exactly one year, and had an awesome time, so that would be a perfect thing to document!  That is definitely going to be one of my temperature blankets.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!