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Golden/Broomfield temperatures

After I decided to document my year in Golden by doing a temperature blanket, I needed to get down to some nitty-gritty (knitty-gritty?) details.  No, not knitty, because I decided that I’m going to crochet.  I don’t want to tie up some knitting needles for however long it will take me to make a whole blanket, and I don’t have a circular that long anyway, so I think crochet will be easier to manage.  That’s one decision.

Then I started thinking about yarn.  I did some weather research to find the range of temperatures typical for Colorado, and checked weather underground for 2013-2014, when we were there.  Turns out the weather data for Golden, CO comes from the Jefferson County Airport in Broomfield.  That’s closer than Denver, and while it might not be exactly the same as what happened in Golden, it should be pretty accurate.  I saw that the lowest low was around 10 below zero, and the highest high was in the 90s.  If I did the below zeros as the first category, then had a category for every ten degrees, up to the 90s, I would have eleven categories and would need eleven colors of yarn.  I decided that I did want to document the whole range, lows and highs, so to do that I decided to crochet half the blanket with low temperatures, and half with high temperatures.  So each row will be split in half with both the low temp and high temp for every day.  The colors will break in the middle.  I think it will be neat.

So, eleven colors of yarn.  I started thinking I wanted wool, or a blend, or washable wool, or maybe a cotton blend…I was all over the place, without thinking 100% acrylic.  Of course, the color choice in acrylic is greater, and it is less expensive, but I started looking on-line at the other choices first.  After a bit of looking, I found Cascade 220 Superwash at  This is washable, 100% wool, worsted weight yarn, and they have 129 shades.  But even with all those choices, I still had trouble picking my colors.  I want them to flow, one to the other, but still be distinct enough to tell them apart.  I also want them to be intuitive, with colder temps being pink, lavender, blue, warming up into greens and yellow, then heating up to orange and red.  I ended up looking at Cascade 220, which is not washable and will felt, so I’ll have to be careful with this blanket (gently hand wash cold only, hang dry).  It’s not as user friendly, but Love Knitting has 163 shades, many of which are heathered, and I found 11 that I think will work.  I ordered one of each, and I hope I like them when I finally see them for real.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!