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Blanket number 2

I’m back to thinking about the weather in Pittsburgh.  I’ve pretty much planned my blanket for the temperatures in Golden, CO when we spent a year there, but I still want to do something that shows Pittsburgh temperatures.  So while on-line I see someone else’s really good idea; they documented their baby’s first year with a temperature blanket.  Bingo!

Using historic weather data from for Pittsburgh, I can make a blanket for Evan that starts the day he was born and ends on his first birthday!  This one should definitely be washable, since I’ll put it on his bed now, and hopefully it will last for many many years, so I think I’ll use acrylic.  I don’t have the yarn I ordered for the CO blanket yet, but I know the categories, and what colors I’ve picked, so I can match those; I think I’ll go to JoAnn’s and get this yarn in person.  If I can see it in real life, I can pick different brands.  Then, when they are both done, I can compare the two blankets, and see the similarities and differences for CO and PA.  This is going to be fun.

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!