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Bumpy knitting

Even though I say I don’t mind starting a project over, I really do.  I feel like somehow I’ve gotten ‘behind’.  One thing that helps me is to start a new piece, whatever I need to redo, from any yarn that I have left, before I rip anything apart.  That way I’ll have some progress made before I start pulling out my previous work.  Just a little mind game I play with myself.

So I’ve started the Glenfiddich tunic again, beginning with the back and working the piece flat.  For the whole project, I have 6 skeins of hand-dyed Glenfiddich wool.  Previously, I knit the front and back together, from the bottom up, in the round.  I stopped knitting in the round at the bottom of the armholes, and knit the front and back separately, knitting and purling back and forth.  I got as far as sewing the shoulder seams when I realized that the knitting was uneven, almost looking like there were holes or gaps in the stitches.  This was really apparent in the section I had knit in the round.  This is also the area where I had knit with the first two skeins of yarn, switching from one to the other every round.  I used up two skeins completely, and switched to the next two.  When I decided to start over, I used what was left of the second two skeins to start the back, and used that up before I ripped anything out.  Now that I am knitting with some of the yarn that I pulled out from the previous piece, I am getting that rough looking knitting again.  I am not sure what’s happening.  Is it the yarn?  I’m not 100% sure but I think I should still be using yarn from the second two skeins, which I thought worked well before.  But maybe this is yarn from the first two skeins.  Is it those two skeins of yarn?  Is it something I am doing?  I am just not sure.

The nice thing about have two projects going on is that when one is frustrating you can switch to the other one.  Bring on the temperature blanket.