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It’s the yarn!

So I was good and stayed with the tunic project.  I kept working on the back, using some of the first two skeins of yarn for a little bit, and I kept getting the rough looking fabric with uneven stitches that almost looked liked gaps or holes while using that yarn.  I hadn’t pulled out the whole piece that I had done first when I was knitting in the round.  The majority of the first two skeins is knit up into that piece, but I used enough of it to see that rough knitting I saw before.  So I decided to switch to the last two skeins that I hadn’t used any of yet.  And that knitting came out better!

So it’s not anything that I am doing.  It is something about one or both of the first two skeins I used.  I don’t know anything about spinning so I don’t know what would make a yarn behave this way.  I know this Glenfiddich yarn is spun at a mill, so it is not hand-spun, but there must be something different about it.  Two of the skeins knit up entirely smooth, the last two that I’m using right now are just a little bit rougher, and the first two that I tried end up looking the most uneven.  There is nothing that I know to try to ‘fix’ it.  So I am trying to disguise it as much as possible.

There is that small section of the back before I switched to the last two yarns that looks bumpy.  Then I used the suspect yarn to work the garter stitch section that starts the front piece.  The uneven-ness is still there, but garter stitch is inherently bumpy so it is less apparent.  I will probably forget all about it with time.  When that piece progressed to stockinette stitch I switched to the last two yarns which are smoother.  I think there will be enough to finish the front piece so it should be mostly smooth and even.  There is garter stitch around the neck and at the sleeve cuffs, so I will use the ‘bumpy’ yarn there.  I don’t know if I will have enough ‘smooth’ yarn for the stockinette part of the sleeves, but we’ll see.  If some of the sleeves need to be made with the ‘bumpy’ yarn, so be it.  I think a good wet blocking will help at the end, and if not, it is a hand made sweater from hand-dyed wool and modest variations are part of the charm.  I will still love it.

For an update, I am getting close to finishing the front section, and then I can three needle bind off my shoulder seams, and I will be back to where I was before I started over, again!