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Mama Knits Crochets and Quilts

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No quilting??

I just realized something.  I probably won’t do a quilt this year.

And by this year, I mean this school year while Evan is in first grade.  I don’t like to quilt when Evan is home.  First of all, it is harder to interrupt working on a quilt, at least for me.  I like to have many hours to just stay with it and get progress made.  I get better after I am ‘warmed up’ so to speak.  My cutting gets better, my sewing gets more even, I get into a groove with whatever part I am on.  So if I have to stop and start over and over, I think the quality of my work suffers.  Second, there are too many dangerous things out when I am quilting, big fabric scissors, rotary cutters, steam iron.  Nothing compatible with a 6 year old jumping around boy.

And since January is really almost done already, and he will be done with school in early June, and I have other projects started, knitting and crochet work, I don’t see a quilt happening until maybe next fall.  Which is kind of a shame because I have a kit for a gorgeous wall hanging that I’ve been wanting to do, and a jacket, and a pin cushion, and some microwave safe bowl holders, and another bed quilt, and a cat quilt, and ideas for a Halloween quilt.  It will take me a decade (literally?) to do all that.  Maybe I can get the pin cushion done…

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!