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Peace Pals and Baby Pals

Last summer I made and blogged about some little dolls called Peace Pals.  They are knitted, soft, squeezable little things, about 5 inches tall, and totally appealing to kids.  My son adopted one out of the bunch that I made, but the rest got donated to the folks at; they distribute these dolls worldwide to… (read more)


  The Glenfiddich Tunic is done!  One of the last bits of any sweater work is blocking, and for this project I blocked at the very end when the sweater was completely finished.  I soaked it in cold water until it was totally saturated.  Then I rolled it gently in a towel, then pinned it out on my… (read more)


Ahhh, the last bit of work to finish my tunic sweater is here — sewing the side seams, underarm, and sleeve seams, then weaving in ends — finishing!  Some people dread finishing.  I am kind of one of those people.  I am not nearly as good at it as I am at knitting, and if it… (read more)

From one half to three quarters

So to fix the sleeves on my tunic, working one sleeve at a time, I pulled out the garter stitch border, picked up the live stitches, and added 20 more rows of stockinette stitch.  On row 10, I did a decrease row the same way the decreases were done earlier in the sleeve.  After 20… (read more)

Sleeves! I want more.

So, while my tunic is not quite a tunic yet (the sides and under arm seams are not sewn) I can kind of try it on and see how it will look.  And the sleeves look short. I knew they were not full length to the wrist, but my sleeves look like they are going… (read more)

Neckline good, sleeves ???

The very last bit of construction left to do on my Glenfiddich Wool Terrific Tunic is the neck edge.  Stitches are picked up around the neck edge and garter stitch is worked in the round to make a border that matches the hem and sleeve edging.  Again, minimal shaping, but nice little details to make… (read more)

Sleeve number two

I read once that as soon as you finish a sleeve of a sweater you should immediately start the second sleeve.  No waiting, no delay, no congratulating yourself on finishing one sleeve, no putting everything aside.  The sweater is not finished, even though you feel a completion of sort. I should have listened.   I put the… (read more)


So now that I have the front and the back of the tunic finished and connected at the shoulders, I am ready to pick up stitches and knit the sleeves.  I have some of the yarn with less character (bumpiness) leftover from working the front, so I will start with that.  Since the sweater is… (read more)

Catching up and moving on

Whew…I am done with the front of the tunic, and I finished the piece with ‘non-bumpy’ yarn.  It has a little character, that is what I’m going to call the bumpiness from now on, but is generally smooth.  And very pretty.  The color variation is evenly distributed, no pooling or big splotches.  I am pretty… (read more)