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Catching up and moving on

Whew…I am done with the front of the tunic, and I finished the piece with ‘non-bumpy’ yarn.  It has a little character, that is what I’m going to call the bumpiness from now on, but is generally smooth.  And very pretty.  The color variation is evenly distributed, no pooling or big splotches.  I am pretty happy with it.

I repeated the three needle bind-off for the shoulders.  I just love that stitch.  It makes such a smooth connection, and it is firm and strong without being bulky.  You just have to plan to have live stitches, and the exact same number of stitches on each section you are joining.  And you need three needles to do it.  But it works so well; use it everywhere you can!

Now I am basically back to where I was before I started over.  The only difference is that the side seams are open; before they were connected because I had knit in the round.  That way I could try the tunic on.  I can’t try it on now, but I know from before that it should fit well.  Finally, I am moving on to something new–the sleeves!

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!