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Sleeve number two

I read once that as soon as you finish a sleeve of a sweater you should immediately start the second sleeve.  No waiting, no delay, no congratulating yourself on finishing one sleeve, no putting everything aside.  The sweater is not finished, even though you feel a completion of sort.

I should have listened.   I put the sweater down, and it took a few days to pick it up again.  This is a mind game that knitting plays with you.  For some reason, when you are done with one part but not yet started on another part, you (and by ‘you’ I also mean ‘I’) feel a bit finished.  But if you start that next part, even just to pick up the stitches and get one row on the needles, then you feel like you need to keep going.  Totally psychological.

I finally picked up stitches for the second sleeve, and since I was working on it during a school day, I got it finished really pretty quick.  Now I will take my own advice and immediately pick up stitches around the neck edge.  No waiting around!

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!