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Neckline good, sleeves ???

The very last bit of construction left to do on my Glenfiddich Wool Terrific Tunic is the neck edge.  Stitches are picked up around the neck edge and garter stitch is worked in the round to make a border that matches the hem and sleeve edging.  Again, minimal shaping, but nice little details to make a pretty finished edge.  Some of these stitches have been on stitch holders, and some are picked up from the knitted fabric.  My shortest cable worked well, and I could knit in the round without too much pulling or stretching.

When I was at the trunk show in January, they had a sample of this tunic on a mannequin, and I thought the neckline looked too open.  They suggested just working a few extra rounds if I wanted to fill it in a little.  But when I had tried on my long ago knit in the round version, the neckline didn’t seem as open, so I just followed the pattern and didn’t add any extra rows.  After working my bind off, I tried it on to see how it looked.  The side seams and still not done, so it’s not a real sweater yet, but I can tell that the neckline is good, not too open at all.  I’m really glad, since I already did the bind off.  My circular needle was not quite long enough for me to try the sweater on before binding off, I was afraid of dropping some stitches, so I just did the bind off, and am super glad the neck looks great.

But I am not sure about the sleeves…

I'd love to hear your ideas on this!