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The Glenfiddich Tunic is done!  One of the last bits of any sweater work is blocking, and for this project I blocked at the very end when the sweater was completely finished.  I soaked it in cold water until it was totally saturated.  Then I rolled it gently in a towel, then pinned it out on my blocking mat.  I used wires along the side seams and at the top of the sleeves/shoulders.  This simple sweater is very straight, so super easy to block.  After the wires were threaded through inside, I just pulled them to the proper width, then pulled the sweater to the right length.  I made sure the sleeves were blocked to the right width, and then blocked them as long as they would comfortably go.  The last adjustment I made was at the bottom hem; instead of leaving it blocked completely straight the way it was knit, I very gently flared it out at the bottom so it wouldn’t hug too tightly at the hips.  After it was completely dry, I hit it from the front with my steam iron set for wool.  Then I unpinned it, flipped it over, and steamed the back.

Some of the unevenness is still there, from whatever was going on with the yarn.  Now though it is growing on me, and I think it is interesting looking.  The very last thing I want to mention is how comfortable this is!  It is totally easy to wear, and while it is unstructured it doesn’t look like a big box.  It is not bulky, but kind of rustic and nicely casual.  I am also pleasantly surprised to find that it is not rough or itchy.  I was thinking I might have to layer it for comfort, but it is perfectly fine on its own.  It took a while, but I am very happy with the outcome…my new every day go-to sweater.



I'd love to hear your ideas on this!