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Quilted sleeping mats — Knitting4Peace

I met Susan McKee, the founder of, the summer of 2015 while on vacation at the Chautauqua Institution.  I attended one of her weekly lectures, and learned all about the group, how they started, and what they do.  Simply, she solicits donated knitted, crocheted, and quilted items that then get distributed to targeted recipients… (read more)

Blankets4Peace x 2

My crocheted blanket is done!  I finished the border with a saw-tooth kind of edging, and I really like it.  Now I can send both to Knitting4Peace in Denver, and they will distribute next time they have a delivery to South Dakota.  The knitted blanket is full/queen size, and the crocheted blanket is twin sized. … (read more)


So, all I have left is the border!  But, yeah, it has to be 4 inches all the way around a bed size blanket.  It is taking longer than I thought.  I somehow thought I’d just whip out a border and be taking pictures and sending this off in no time.  But it is taking longer… (read more)


Whew.  I am done weaving in ends.  It wasn’t endless after all, but just took a few days.  Well, several days.  I also have all the rows attached so now it is one big blanket. But not quite as big as I expected.  I guess the joining used up some of the width of the… (read more)

Weaving in ends and joining

I guess I missed the official Knit in Public Day, June 10, 2017.  I was weaving in ends, but in my living room instead of outside.  But I knit and crochet in public often enough.  I even got a compliment on my row of squares when we were at Moraine State Park and I was, of course,… (read more)

Weaving in ends on the beach

Yesterday we took a family trip to Moraine State Park, which is just about an hour north of us and is the home of Lake Arthur.  It is a really great park, with a lot to do, but we usually go straight to the beach on the north shore so Evan can swim and play… (read more)

Weaving in ends, endlessly

So many ends to weave in.  Right now my blanket is in 10 strips that will need to be joined together, but I am weaving in all the ends before I join them.  They are easier to move around at this point.  Each strip is made of 6 square motifs and 5 little border strips… (read more)

Crochet finishing

I made some good progress with my second Blanket of Peace that I am making to contribute to Knitting4Peace.  It will end up being the size they recommend for a twin size bed, but recently it has been in pieces, waiting to be assembled. I like crocheting blocks, squares, and circles, but then they need… (read more)


Here’s some more information from “We create an ever-expanding group of items, responding to requests from those we serve. When our work began in 2006 we created one item: Peace Shawls for women in global areas of conflict. A year later, in preparation for a trip to impoverished villages in Southern Sudan, we began… (read more)