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Mandala mantelpiece…masterpiece!

Well, I couldn’t find any leftover living room paint, so the mantle space has not been touched up.  That’s not to say we don’t have any, and if it turns up I would still like to fill in a few spots, but time’s a-wasting, and I wanted to finish…  so the doilies are up! Mandala… (read more)

The Littles

I believe I am done with thread crochet, at least for the mandala mantle project.  I have made some small ones, partial doilies, for fill-in around the larger motifs.  I’m not sure yet how many of them I will use.  The overall design in the mantle is a little complicated, and there is something to be said for… (read more)

Two become one

So I made an interesting discovery as I was finishing Elise (another free pattern from  I started with my leftover ecru thread, hoping I would have enough.  It looked like maybe enough, but I didn’t measure or anything.  Anyway, I got through most of it, but ran out with two rounds to go!  So… (read more)


I had a lot of cream colored thread left over from making Poppy, so I decided to make another doily that was on the larger size.  Tilda is a free pattern available on Grace Fearon’s website (, or you can link over from Ravelry.  It is supposed to be 9 inches, and I am back… (read more)


The latest doily finished from Emilyandthe Handmade Volume 1 is Poppy.  This is the sixth one I’ve done from the book, and that only leaves Ophelia undone from this collection.  But I’m not sure if I will do that one or not.  I’ve made at least one ‘full size’ doily from each of my thread… (read more)

Taking a break

Whew, after Barbara I did little Miss Rhiannon.  This doily came out to just 5 inches, picot to picot.  I actually did two of them in one day.  For the first one, I used the 1.25mm hook I’ve been using, and the doily looked a little tight and sort of curled up.  Blocking would probably… (read more)


My latest larger doily is called Barbara, and she is kind of frothy looking.  This effect is created by about a million double and triple crochet popcorn stitches.  This creates a lot of bobble-like texture, and is really pretty, but was time consuming for me to do.  Maybe I have been doing too much thread… (read more)

More silver

I liked my silver thread so much that after Clementine I went right on to another smaller pattern, Mathilde, using the same color.  If you just look at the doily and ignore the size marker, it is so intricate that you might think it is a large one, but she came out at 6.5 inches, the smallest… (read more)


After my little Siobhan, I went back to a larger pattern from Volume 1 — Clementine.  I had ordered some Aunt Lydia’s Classic Crochet 10 thread from Amazon of all places because I couldn’t find silver or ecru in  my stores, but I knew those colors existed.  I was guessing they would fit in with… (read more)

Smaller, quicker

I’ve made three Grace Fearon doilies from her Volume 1 Designs book, and one is just prettier than the next.  I love these, and this project.  I have a blank space inside a decorative mantle in my living room that is crying out for lacy mandala doilies, at least it is crying out to me. … (read more)