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Final purchase of the day…

My last purchase at this year’s festival was from Glenfiddich Wool.  When I first looked at this booth I saw lots of example garments that looked like variations of one pattern and bags of yarn of different colors — kits to make these lovely sweaters?  I love finding kits at shows because I usually come… (read more)

The second thing I bought…

Whew, I’ve walked the whole marketplace floor (at least once) and have checked out every booth (at least once), and this year’s show is great.  So much yarn, so many accessories, a good bit of quilting things, so many nice people, and a great space for it all to happen in.  I am very happy right now. … (read more)

The first thing I bought…

The first thing I bought at this year’s festival I bought right away. I usually come into the marketplace and start on one side and go up and down each aisle, carefully checking out every vendor. I go through the entire marketplace to get a feel for what’s there and for what I might need… (read more)

Good morning Pittsburgh

Is it still morning here? Just barely, so let’s get going and talk about yarn! For a while I’ve been thinking about starting a blog, and thinking about blog posts before I had a blog, so I have some ideas of what I want to say, but they are not exactly happening in real time… (read more)