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Christmas cookies

My memory is pretty bad.  I really can’t remember stuff I feel like I should remember, but that’s how I am, so I just go with it.  I mean, some things stick in there, but ask me the date of almost anything and I pretty much won’t know.  But every now and then there’s a trigger… (read more)

I need to write a schedule

There has not been much knitting going on in my house lately.  All of a sudden it is the end of summer!  School starts on Monday, and we are all getting ready.  I am doing laundry and school lunch food shopping.  Evan is wanting to go back everywhere, one last time: swimming, the zoo, playgrounds,… (read more)

Finger Labyrinth

I have found that walking a labyrinth is very peaceful for me.  A good addition to my meditative practice, which is usually not as robust as I would like it to be.  But I refuse to stress about my lack of meditation; that seems like two steps in the wrong direction.  I’m glad there are some public… (read more)

Labyrinth — Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area

  I have walked a labyrinth  here in Pittsburgh that I found on-line using  It is just off the bike trail by the old Pump House in Homestead.  I must have gone right by it a bunch of times, but never noticed it until I was looking for it.   It is very flat… (read more)


Recently I have been walking a labyrinth.  It is built in the grass; the path is outlined with stones and rocks and ends in an open center.  There is a large tree as an anchor providing shade.  It is near a road, so it is accessible to everyone, but that means there is the noise of cars nearby.  Somehow,… (read more)

Chautauqua Arts

In addition to lectures for your mind and sermons for your soul, Chautauqua abounds with music, art, drama, and dance for your spirit.  There are many venues for the different arts, and lots of them are included with the gate pass that you pay to come in.  If you are not staying on-site, you can… (read more)

Chautauqua for grownups

The first thing I have to say about the Chautauqua Institution is that it feels like an island.  If I call it an island, I am mis-speaking, because it is not an island.  What it is, is roughly a 750 acre rectangle in New York, bordering Lake Chautauqua on one long edge and the highway on the other… (read more)

Can’t wait for Chautauqua

I am so looking forward to going to Chautauqua for vacation again this year.  This will be the third year in a row that we have gone.  It is not that far for us, we can drive in just about 3 hours or less.  It is self contained, and if you pack right you never… (read more)

I hope I can post this; I’ve copied it directly from, and it is the background of the beginning of the Knitting4Peace group I contribute to.  I think Susan says it best, in her own words: “A Brief History (By founder, Susan McKee) In July 2004, I was deeply moved by messages I heard at… (read more)