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Bumpy knitting

Even though I say I don’t mind starting a project over, I really do.  I feel like somehow I’ve gotten ‘behind’.  One thing that helps me is to start a new piece, whatever I need to redo, from any yarn that I have left, before I rip anything apart.  That way I’ll have some progress… (read more)


Yeah, that Glenfiddich tunic needs to be frogged and re-done.  I was pretty sure when I first steamed it and the holes stayed so visible, but I was not emotionally ready to start ripping (rip it, rip it), but it is time.  Seeing it in a picture is actually worse than seeing it in real… (read more)

Front and shoulders

Well, I was right; the front worked up pretty quick.  I was working flat, knitting and purling and switching yarns every other row.  When it was time I put the middle section of stitches on a stitch holder and the far side of the front on another holder, and worked each side up, one at… (read more)

Back, now front

Well, the back is done on the tunic; it was a pretty simple knit-straight-up until it is the right length, with no shaping.  The colors look OK so far so I am going to go ahead and knit the front.  This should go even quicker because part way up, the middle section of stitches get put… (read more)

Changing to back and forth

So I am at the bottom of the armhole of my Glenfiddich tunic and now need to leave an opening for the sleeve, so that means I get to stop knitting around and around and around forever, and start knitting flat.  Whew!  Half of the stitches will end up being the back and the other half will be… (read more)

Out of the kitchen

So between Christmas, a new cat, getting a cold and having a six year old home from school for winter break, I’ve only been doing a little knitting.  But I am still knitting the Glenfiddich tunic, around and around and around.  I am alternating two different balls of yarn every other round to blend the… (read more)

Yarn and other stuff

Well, I am still knitting around and around and around… The Glenfiddich Wool tunic is well underway.  I am knitting in the round, so no purl rows to make stockinette stitch, just the knit stitch over and over.  It is simple, soothing, but, yes, a little bit boring.  It’s a good project to do while lightly watching something on TV; usually… (read more)

Really started

Well, now I am really started, for the last time, on my Glenfiddich tunic.  I am still making gauge with the size 10 needles, and I am back to working in the round.  I am using two skeins of yarn at the same time, one more blue and one more gray, and I am changing them on… (read more)

Not started again

I have started my Glenfiddich Copenhagen blue tunic again.  This time I think I will do the sweater in pieces the way the pattern is written; work the back, work the front, seam the shoulders, pick up stitches and work the sleeves, seam sides, work the neck edge.  I am going to knit with two… (read more)