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Done and done

The Labyrinth Poncho is well and truly finished.  I changed the rock thread cage to a more rock colored yarn, and I like it much better.  I also turned the rock over; it has a flat side and a more rounded side, convex, I guess, and I turned the rounded side to face out.  I… (read more)

Time to walk a labyrinth, or two

The Labyrinth poncho is done!  Well, almost done; I am always fine tuning, and can’t seem to leave well enough alone, so there are a couple of things left to tweak, but it is definitely time to share. It is pretty much what I envisioned, something easy to throw on, warm but not too bulky.  The… (read more)

Pin, spray, pin, spray

Quite a few pins later, the back piece is blocked and drying.  I pinned at least every three inches around the edges, and every interior corner, I think, and a few more places as needed.  Spray, spray, spray with water (already pre-soaked), and now I wait. Until tomorrow, my sweet labyrinth!

Modules and Mandalas

The modules are finished!  The modules are finished! I finished the back piece of the labyrinth poncho, but haven’t blocked it out yet.  The Baltic Finger Labyrinth is incorporated into the center of the back; it is slightly smaller than the modular pieces around it, but I think with blocking it will be OK — I am… (read more)

Just one more…

Anyone who knits or crochets is familiar with the phenomenon of “just one more row”.  It is everybody’s usual stopping point, just one row beyond where you currently are.  Do we all have slightly addictive personalities?  I am definitely like this with knitting, etc. and I am like this with other things, like ice cream.  “This… (read more)

Module after module

I am realizing just how obsessive I really am.  If I want to put a happy spin on it, I could say that I am focused.  Sometimes like an unwavering laser.  I, at times, don’t balance things well.  For example, there is no reason why I can’t spend part of my day making and eating… (read more)

Almost poncho weather; Is there almost a poncho?

One week of first grade is almost done.  So far we are still deleted from the bus list so I am driving Evan to and from school every day.  Evan spiked a fever on Wednesday and had to miss Thursday, which was hard for him because it was gym day.  I don’t have any info… (read more)

Gauge swatch, wash and block!

The front piece of the labyrinth poncho has been blocked, and it came out really nice.  The fabric is smoother and more cohesive, but still has texture for a casual feel.  The modules blocked out larger than I thought.  As I was knitting they were measuring 2.5″ on a small side and 5″ on a… (read more)

Nerves and Neck Details

When I was in school, I used to suffer first day nerves, for something like a week.  At least a week.  I didn’t sleep well or eat much, my stomach was all fluttery, I imagined ‘what if (x) happens’ scenarios  by the hundreds.  Well, Evan doesn’t seem to have any of that, but I have… (read more)

Whole lot of knitting going on…

Sometimes my knitting flows really well, I get a lot done, don’t make any mistakes, and generally zone out into some calm peaceful knitting place.  Then there are times like last night and this morning. Last night I mis-attached an L shape three times.  I decided to just leave it alone, mis-attached again, until this morning. … (read more)