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New project

Well, I’ve been doing an awful lot of thread crochet lately, so I think I will take a break and switch to something else.  Of course, there’s always a lot of stuff and ideas rattling around in my head to pick from, so no worries about coming up with something. I think I will do some quilting, but… (read more)

It feels like fall.

The temperatures have dropped almost 30 degrees F from the beginning of the week.  It feels like fall, in the most perfect way…clear blue skies, low humidity, lots of sun, refreshingly cool in the morning (not quite in the 50s), mid to high 60s predicted for the afternoon…perfect. And even more perfect, I have a new… (read more)

Last little bit

The very last step toward finishing my quilt is adding the binding.  I use a simple 2.5″ straight grain strip, folded in half, machine sewn to the right side of the quilt, turned to the back, and hand sewn to the backing fabric.  I am currently at the hand sewing part.  Another strange thing about me… (read more)

Lone Star Quilt, Border Quilting

Whew!  The backing fabric is attached, and the only quilting left is the outer most 10 inch border, and that shouldn’t be too difficult.  At least I am sewing at the outer edges with most of the quilt supported by my table and big exercise ball; better than trying to sew at the very center of… (read more)

Minimal quilting — Success!

After spray basting my Lone star quilt, I moved on to minimal quilting to attach the backing fabric to the quilt top/batting layer that had already been decoratively quilted together.  I stitched around the big star in the middle, out-lining the eight big diamonds  with stitch-in-the-ditch quilting.  And miracle of miracles, the backing fabric did not… (read more)

Better living through chemicals (?)

That title is something I used to say in college, tongue in cheek, because I do believe there’s a time and a place for use of chemicals, but I try to minimize my personal use of extraneous ones.  If I find a viable alternative, I will go that route.  But sometimes I use things I… (read more)

Upper body strength needs some work

I have been getting quite a workout these past few days.  But I haven’t given up my craft time.  No, I’ve gone back to quilting. I got back to the Lone star quilt, which is now fully queen sized.  The last border is attached, the batting is all on, and I am at the point of attaching the… (read more)

Another project up in my brain

Another thing I think I want to do is make some quilted pot holders.  I think this every time I see my ratty old pot holders that are all stained and scorched.  I thought of this last year when I found out that Evan’s school has a craft sale in the church basement right around… (read more)

Not exactly quilting

I have so many ideas of things to make rattling around in my mind, taking up space.  I wish I would realize some of them, get them out into reality.  Not only do they take up space in my brain, they take up space in my closets, because I have the raw materials stashed for… (read more)

Quilted sleeping mats — Knitting4Peace

I met Susan McKee, the founder of, the summer of 2015 while on vacation at the Chautauqua Institution.  I attended one of her weekly lectures, and learned all about the group, how they started, and what they do.  Simply, she solicits donated knitted, crocheted, and quilted items that then get distributed to targeted recipients… (read more)