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Pot holders are piling up

I have always been afraid to get into making things for sale.  Up until now I have only made things for myself, gifts for friends and family, or charitable donations.  I thought that if I made my crafting into a business, where I would have to produce a certain amount of ‘product’, it would take some… (read more)

Piecing pot holders

I wonder how long it takes me to make one quilted pot holder, start to finish.  I have no idea, because I usually work on multiples, doing a different part each day.  This works for me because I need to change things on my sewing machine depending on what I am doing.  I use one… (read more)

Pot holder quilting

When I thought about making little-quilt pot holders, I thought it be a great way to practice piecing and quilting.  Well, it is good practice for piecing, and it is really helping me think about fabric choices — color, intensity, pattern, and scale, and how things change dramatically when you use different fabrics in different parts… (read more)

Quilts viewed close up

When I am working with 8 inch quilt blocks that need to stand on their own as pot holders I am learning the importance of picking the right fabrics and color combinations.  Sometimes, when a quilt block is destined to be included in a whole quilt, the individual block might not look so great.  But it… (read more)

How many different 8 inch squares can I make?

Making pot holders is like making little mini-quilts, one at a time.  It is fun, and they are so cute.  Basically, each one is a single quilt block.  When you are making a quilt, you need to make a bunch of quilt blocks, and then put them together in a pleasing pattern which often creates another… (read more)

Pot holder palette

I had an idea for pot holders that I thought was a good one.  The ones I have at home, I bought to match my kitchen, so they are blue and white and silvery gray.  At least they were.  Now they are scorched and have tomato sauce on them.  So I thought, what if I had… (read more)

Pot holders, beginning

It is both easier and harder to make quilted pot holders than I thought it would be. I am not the best quilter; it is a craft that I started only a year or so ago, although I have been sewing since I was little.  But quilting is a different kind of sewing.  First of… (read more)

New project

Well, I’ve been doing an awful lot of thread crochet lately, so I think I will take a break and switch to something else.  Of course, there’s always a lot of stuff and ideas rattling around in my head to pick from, so no worries about coming up with something. I think I will do some quilting, but… (read more)

It feels like fall.

The temperatures have dropped almost 30 degrees F from the beginning of the week.  It feels like fall, in the most perfect way…clear blue skies, low humidity, lots of sun, refreshingly cool in the morning (not quite in the 50s), mid to high 60s predicted for the afternoon…perfect. And even more perfect, I have a new… (read more)

Last little bit

The very last step toward finishing my quilt is adding the binding.  I use a simple 2.5″ straight grain strip, folded in half, machine sewn to the right side of the quilt, turned to the back, and hand sewn to the backing fabric.  I am currently at the hand sewing part.  Another strange thing about me… (read more)