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Another project up in my brain

Another thing I think I want to do is make some quilted pot holders.  I think this every time I see my ratty old pot holders that are all stained and scorched.  I thought of this last year when I found out that Evan’s school has a craft sale in the church basement right around… (read more)

Not exactly quilting

I have so many ideas of things to make rattling around in my mind, taking up space.  I wish I would realize some of them, get them out into reality.  Not only do they take up space in my brain, they take up space in my closets, because I have the raw materials stashed for… (read more)

Quilted sleeping mats — Knitting4Peace

I met Susan McKee, the founder of, the summer of 2015 while on vacation at the Chautauqua Institution.  I attended one of her weekly lectures, and learned all about the group, how they started, and what they do.  Simply, she solicits donated knitted, crocheted, and quilted items that then get distributed to targeted recipients… (read more)

Quilt plans

Thinking on my quilting questions, I think I’ve decided I should do the border quilting through all the layers.  So when I get my backing fabric today, I just need to find a place to lay everything out, pin it all together, and then start quilting the whole sandwich together.  I have done a queen sized… (read more)

Managing to Quilt

I am surprised that I have gotten some quilting done this summer.  I had thought my Lone Star quilt would be pushed aside until fall, mainly because Evan is home from school and we are busy doing kid things.  Even when we are at home, I don’t like to quilt because it pulls too much… (read more)

Summer quilting

Quilting in the summer is one hot hobby.  I don’t mean sexy, or popular.  Just super hot.  It is inevitable that there will be a big bunch of quilt on top of you at some point.  I wonder what other quilters do…pack it up until fall?  Just do small projects?  Do piecing only?  I’m curious. … (read more)

Quilting Lesson Learned

Do not mark the whole quilt top if you can’t sew those lines in a timely manner. All the quilters out there are nodding and smiling ruefully at me, the newbie quilter, who just figured this out the hard way. Yesterday Dennis had a project at the North Hills house and he took Evan with… (read more)


Here’s some more information from “We create an ever-expanding group of items, responding to requests from those we serve. When our work began in 2006 we created one item: Peace Shawls for women in global areas of conflict. A year later, in preparation for a trip to impoverished villages in Southern Sudan, we began… (read more)

Women4women-knitting4peace Two years ago I started knitting, crocheting and quilting for this group.  I met them originally on our first vacation to Chautauqua in 2015, and have been contributing ever since.  They are a non-profit group who creates and delivers specific items to individuals in global areas of conflict.  The organization is based in Denver,… (read more)

Bindings and Labels

All my pieces are cut out for the borders of my Lone Star quilt, both fabric and batting.  I need to do some quilting, some assembly, some more quilting, and then I’ll be ready for binding.  Since I don’t have any curved edges, I don’t need bias-strip binding.  Straight strip binding is easier to cut, a… (read more)