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Blanket number 2

I’m back to thinking about the weather in Pittsburgh.  I’ve pretty much planned my blanket for the temperatures in Golden, CO when we spent a year there, but I still want to do something that shows Pittsburgh temperatures.  So while on-line I see someone else’s really good idea; they documented their baby’s first year with a… (read more)

Golden/Broomfield temperatures

After I decided to document my year in Golden by doing a temperature blanket, I needed to get down to some nitty-gritty (knitty-gritty?) details.  No, not knitty, because I decided that I’m going to crochet.  I don’t want to tie up some knitting needles for however long it will take me to make a whole blanket,… (read more)

Temperature time and place

I’ve been doing some research on temperature blankets, and I’m getting pretty excited about actually doing (at least) one.  I think it would be so cool to see how it develops over time, as the days go by and the temperatures and yarns change.  I got inspired when I saw a post on Facebook about… (read more)

New project!

In between working on my tunic sweater, I’ve recently become obsessed with, yes, another project. The push behind my latest obsession is the fact that it is a new year, still really close to the beginning, and I’ve started thinking about making a temperature blanket.  I’ve thought about this before, but a really logical time… (read more)