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Not many empty spaces, but one is calling out to me

There is a blank space in my house that doesn’t look like it should be empty.  My husband disagrees with me, as he would rather have a lot more blank spaces, but I think it is calling out for something. A long time ago, before I ever came to the house, there used to be fireplaces. … (read more)

Labyrinth Poncho — a bunch of rocks?

  Some of the time when I was walking the labyrinth, I thought about knitting it.  Not all the time, I don’t want to be obsessive, but some of the time.  I had already decided on a poncho shape, but didn’t have a pattern/specific idea. I really loved the rocks that made the border of… (read more)

Chautauqua Kids’ Stuff

For two years Evan has gone to the Children’s School while we were on vacation at Chautauqua.  The Children’s School is for kids 3-5 years old, generally pre-school aged kids.  The school was started in 1921 and has been periodically renovated and expanded through 1994; it now has 6 classrooms, up to 30 students each.  The… (read more)

Cricket bars

Amazon, which sells almost everything, has a few choices in cricket flour and cricket protein bars.  Who knew, the cricket market is already competitive.  We bought cricket flour from Lithic Nutrition, via Amazon, because Dennis went to grad school at CU Boulder, and Lithic Nutrition was started by alumnus Dave Baugh and his brother Lars. … (read more)